§164.512(f) Standard: Disclosures for law enforcement purposes. A covered entity may disclose protected health information for a law enforcement purpose to a law enforcement official if the conditions in paragraphs (f)(1) through (f)(6) of this section are met, as applicable.
(1) Permitted disclosures: Pursuant to process and as otherwise required by law. A covered entity may disclose protected health information:
(i) As required by law including laws that require the reporting of certain types of wounds or other physical injuries, except for laws subject to paragraph (b)(1)(ii) or (c)(1)(i) of this section; or
(ii) In compliance with and as limited by the relevant requirements of:
(A) A court order or court-ordered warrant, or a subpoena or summons issued by a judicial officer;
(B) A grand jury subpoena; or
(C) An administrative request, including an administrative subpoena or summons, a civil or an authorized investigative demands, or similar process authorized under law, provided that:
(1) The information sought is relevant and material to a legitimate law enforcement inquiry;
(2) The request is specific and limited in scope to the extent reasonably practicable in light of the purpose for which the information is sought; and
(3) De-identified information could not reasonably be used.

Audit Inquiry

Have disclosures made by the covered entity for law enforcement purposes been consistent with the performance criterion?
Obtain and review policies and procedures related to disclosures of PHI for law enforcement purposes against the established performance criterion.

Obtain and review a sample, as available, of disclosures and the corresponding court orders, subpoenas, discovery requests, etc., and determine if such disclosures are consistent with the established performance criterion.